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It was important to me to have belief in my coach, and I was able to because of their gravitas and credibility. 

Partner, Accountancy.

To ensure business coaching is more than a "chat," we have a documented coaching process that is used for Continuing Professional Development by various professions. A robust, yet flexible approach.

Individual Business Coaching Process
To make this process cost-effective and easy to implement, a telephone conversation or meeting will identify the type of business coaching product that is required and a shortlist of coaches will then be produced.

Curricula Vitae are sent to the client for consideration and thereafter the first session is arranged. In the rare event that there is not “good chemistry” between the coach and client, an alternative coach will be provided.

Some clients like to interview the coach briefly before agreeing to proceed. Often this interview extends into a first session; we suggest that an hour or so is put aside to give the opportunity for the interview to extend to a first session, if this seems appropriate. A further six sessions are usually booked at that time. A typical guideline might be:

1 The coaching sponsor (often the H.R. Department) will give a confidential overview of requirements, along with any psychometric data if relevant. A feedback structure is agreed and will be presented to the client at the first session.

2Initial session with client to agree outcomes and contract.

3Five further sessions over an 8-12 week period.

4Phone coaching and free email support offered.

5Final session where outcomes are measured and contract is concluded. The coach and client agree the form of feedback to be given and present this as required.

6Ad hoc coaching provided thereafter as required.

Group Coaching Process
A meeting is arranged with one of our senior coaching consultants to design and agree a programme of coaching and training. It is important that we integrate our approach into the existing development process of the client organisation.

A combination of training and coaching can be very cost-effective. For example, an organisation used our Sales Coaching product over a
six-month period. The business coach presented a 90 minute sales seminar and then used the rest of the time to coach the attendees individually. This ensured that the sales team could coach each other on the topics taught that week and issues could be individually explored in the coaching sessions.

Another client required that their entire Board of Directors was coached individually and team coaching sessions were also included after the monthly board meeting.

The main benefit here was that the board meeting duration was shortened and became more focused on strategic issues. This was done by agreeing a new process of creating the agenda, resulting in operational matters being addressed at a departmental level.

Team Coaching
When teams are formed or new members join existing team structures, it is essential that the team reaches a high level of performance quickly. By definition, if a team performs less well than the individuals within that team operating independently, then there is no point in having the team.

The well known progression of “forming, storming, norming and performing” is part of the team creation process; we are confident that team coaching sessions move a team rapidly towards performing well and help create a climate where issues are resolved efficiently without rancour.

We also believe in individual business coaching for the team members, as a team is simply a group of individuals working towards common business objectives. To influence a team’s culture, it is essential to understand the individual motivations of its members. Like all coaching, it is also important that the team becomes independent as soon as possible; therefore an end date for the coaching is suggested.

We also provide various psychometric tests, including team-specific tests such as Belbin.


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