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The coaching process has helped me to clarify exactly what it is about business that I get a real buzz from.

Along with the help and encouragement I receive, this is helping me to continually evolve and grow my new Chairman role.

Chairman, Design Consultancy.

We believe that coaching must be confidential, professional and contractual.

The person being coached is called the “client.” The organisation paying for the coaching is called the “sponsor."


The sponsor will usually advise the coach what outcomes they want to see in the client and agree any benchmarking.


The coaching sessions are entirely private and confidential between the coach and client. Without this confidentiality, the full benefits of coaching are eroded, as the unique trust a client has with a coach can not be created. Sometimes the areas where real performance improvements can be made will be hidden to their work colleagues, and coaching can address these types of issues sensitively and productively. A standard form of confidentiality contract is confirmed in writing.


Typically, a one-and-a-half hour first session with six follow-up sessions, either face-to-face or by phone, are recommended. The benefit of the coaching can then be evaluated, and the coach and sponsor can refer to the benchmarking agreements to identify if the proposed changes have occurred.


At the end of the final coaching session, a review of the coaching is undertaken with the sponsor. If further coaching is deemed necessary, then a new contract is agreed upon.


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