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    Coaches based in the UK  


Robbie Steinhouse

Robbie's background in sales, computer programming and as an entrepreneur gives him a combination of skills which he utilises as an executive coach. He started his career working for companies ranging from NCR, Mitsubishi and Deutsche Bank before founding the property and insurance company Gray's Inn Estates.






Janet Woodjetts

Janet is an Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor and has more than 25 years of training and personal, team and business.

Across the years, Janet's training, coaching and mentoring expertise has been put to good use in challenging Management and Leadership roles and now working with people from all industries, she practises her craft subtly and elegantly while allowing her client to be in control of their own decisions.






Rachel Brushfield

Rachel is an executive and career coach with over 20 years experience, specialising in career development, marketing, networking, self-promotion, targeted communication for results, personal branding and smarter self-management. Rachel uses a focused yet flexible non-directive incisive and insightful approach, drawing from a large toolbox of practical tools and models and experience in different market sectors.





Francis Currie

Francis is an experienced executive coach whose clients have included celebrities, senior executives, managers, and people from sales, human resources, creative, marketing and technical teams. His coaching style has been described as engaging, fun, and challenging, and the coaching process becomes a motivating and stimulating experience for the client under Francis' guidance.





Ron Down

Before setting up his own business 13 years ago, Ron spent 20 years in the IT industry in a variety of technical and senior management roles. From his involvement in personal and management development coupled with his process and business competencies. Ron has developed many skills and strategies which he uses in executive and personal coaching.





Gillian Dow

Gillian is an executive coach and HR and development consultant with a coaching style that is supportive, pragmatic and practical. She has thirty years experience in various roles in commercial property, insurance, legal and publishing industries. She is fluent in French, having worked in Brussels during a time when many leading global companies based their European headquarters in that city.





Jessica Robbinson

Jessica is a performance coach specialising in helping individuals identify and achieve goals, overcome problems and find solutions, breaking through issues as necessary. Her career began in the City, with JPMorganChase where achieving the impossible was part of the job description. Jess is author of 'How to Lose Weight Without Dieting' a guide to using NLP to overcome eating disorders.





Anton Teasdale

Anton's background is in strategic communications, marketing and coaching. He specialises in breakthrough coaching for businesses and individuals where people or teams feel stuck, despite previous attempts for change.





Maite Barón

Maite is an experienced international NLP Executive Coach, working with executives, private individuals and teams, empowering and motivating people at all levels within organisations to master every opportunity they encounter professionally and personally.





Sarah Christie

Sarah Christie is passionate about potential and uses her coaching to help individuals re-engineer their beliefs about what's possible for them. Her style of coaching is a potent combination of humour, enthusiasm and support, whilst not being afraid to challenge. Sarah understands that personal transformation can only take place when we are stretched beyond our comfort zones.





Anne Roques

Anne has gained a wealth of corporate, business and management experience through the different international roles she has held in the Finance, Supply Chain and Change Management areas before becoming an Executive Coach in 1999.





Irene Zalessky

Irene has a strong background in finance, commerce, consultancy and coaching. She spent 14 years working in the City of London in the securities industry for blue-chip financial institutions such as Cazenove and Co. and BZW, and ran her own import agency for six years. She currently works as an individual executive/career coach, drawing on her wide business experience and the understanding she has gained through her own personal and professional development.





Jim Hicks

Jim Hicks has many years of experience in developing companies and brands, through strategy, operations communication, and people development. Jim is an excellent communicator himself and a dedicated 'people person'. more





Lisa Capaldi

Lisa is a qualified Performance Coach and Trainer. Coming from a successful corporate media background, she has over 14 years experience in sales and marketing in Press and Radio. As a qualified NLP Trainer and Master Practitioner, Lisa is passionate about developing individuals to achieve higher levels of performance personally and professionally. She has a great ability to connect, engage and motivate her coachees in a fun, real and practical style.





Susan Brodie

Susan has a wealth of experience in HR, management development, change management, coaching and career counselling. She started her career in retailing, working in a variety of roles focussing on resourcing, change management and management development. She now works with a range of clients from the retail, legal and financial services sectors. more





Rie Ota

Rie has a diverse background in multilingual communication and relations, having worked across a number of industries and countries; most notably as a Japanese Manager for Foreign Language Business Development in an E-Commerce company. She has also worked in the Hospitality industry as a Japanese Relations Manager responsible for sales, marketing and PR, dealing with ministers, embassies and international corporate directors. more





Lucy Marks

Lucy is an Executive Coach with over fourteen years senior HR experience gained in a wide range of sectors, including Investment Banking, Oil and Gas, Publishing, Manufacturing, Luxury Goods and the Drinks Industry. Her roles have encompassed Generalist HR, Talent Management and Organisational Development. more

Tony Felix  

Tony Felix

Tony is an executive personal trainer and coach with a background in teaching and coaching martial arts, tai chi, college tutoring and voluntary counselling for a hospital cancer ward.  He has integrated NLP into his coaching. 


Denis Gorce-Bourge  

Denis Gorce-Bourge

Denis is a Corporate Coach and Trainer and has worked in France and the UK for the last 15 years. He was born in Switzerland, but is a French national and can deliver training and workshops in both French and English. Denis’ coaching style is combination of intuitive sharpness and gentle supportiveness.  He has a broad cross-section of clients from CEOs to individuals seeking clarity in their lives.  He is a contributing author of “101 Coaching Strategies” to be published early September 2009.





Alison Underwood

Alison is a certified executive coach and management trainer and has been passionately involved in developing individuals since 1995.

She began her career in advertising, holding managerial positions for Yellow Pages Sales before moving to Italy to embark on a teaching career.  Returning to the UK, Alison continued her management career within the IT industry heading up the customer service operation for Global Internet.





Sue Timson

Sue is an expert leader of teams and executive coach. She works with clients, often in highly pressurised, competitive environments, to find their own route to success. Sue’s coaching work includes transforming teams, managing and dealing with change, career development and improving performance. Her style combines empathy, support and challenge to help clients reach their full potential.






Claire Whitehead

Claire is known for her quick-mind, energy, heart and natural empathy. Her belief in the ability of individuals to achieve their full potential when empowered combined with an ability to put the intangible into words and to connect otherwise disparate information allows her to co-create profound authentic change. Her approach involves movement, metaphor and creative exercises, to raise awareness of barriers and resources.






Michele Down

Coming from a business background, Michele set up her first business aged 21 and her second at 30. She built both from scratch, giving her direct experience of managing organisational growth and change. After selling the businesses she trained as a psychotherapist and ran a psychotherapy and training practice for ten years.




Natasha Maw

Natasha Maw is a qualified executive coach and coach supervisor. She specialises in helping leaders work with rapid change and instil effective new working practices. Much of her coaching work revolves around building confidence with clients, particularly women who want to reach Executive Board level.




Amanda Vickers

Amanda’s background is in banking where she worked both within business and support areas such as HR and training. She is now one of the Directors of a successful and well established Training Company – Speak First – that specialises in transforming business relationships. She is also the author of three books: Be Your Best Coach and Beyond, Teach Yourself NLP and Teach Yourself Coaching (published by Hodder Headline) and has expertise in communication, leadership, sales, customer relationship management and individual and team coaching at senior management level.

    Coaches based in France  

Edward Hines

Edward began his career in the traditional domain of coaching – sports. An award-winning martial artist, he lived in the Republic of China researching martial and related arts for several years, and taught and competed successfully in the international field before turning to full time NLP training and coaching.




Alice Scales

Alice ran a successful language school in Paris for 14 years. During this time, she went beyond language teaching, and her practice over the years developed to include negotiation, presentation and diplomacy as an art in business. She has worked in these roles with a wide range of companies including Morgan Stanley, Axa Private Equity, Allen and Overy, Gide Loyrette Nouel, Publicis and Arthur Andersen.



Antoine Bebe

Antoine's background is in communication, creativity and management. He has developed a multi-disciplinary coaching approach dedicated to professional development, executive coaching, communication and change management.





Florence Rigneau

Florence's background in R&D and sales and marketing and her natural capacity to connect with people leads makes her an ideal coach. Florence also designs customised training for personal and professional growth, stress and time management, and communication skills improvement.





Constance Konold

Starting from a solid base as manager and chief of staff for international corporate leaders, educators and diplomats in France, Malaysia and Africa over the last twenty years, Constance formalised her coaching skills as a response to market demand for multi-cultural coaches.


    Coaches based in Germany  

Eva Wieprecht

Eva began her career in banking and moved to the consultancy industry with her MBA (University of Cologne) in Marketing and HR Management. She worked for KPMG and Gerling Consulting Group as a project manager and consultant for business development and Business Process Re-engineering projects.


    Coaches based in Holland  


Ingrid Straet

Ingrid has over twenty years of professional experience in various fields and has spent the last 10 years in a consultancy & coaching context. Working with people to help them become more aware of their strengths and weaknesses and possibilities and limitations creates added value, not only for the organizations they work in, but also to themselves.


    Coaches based in Hong Kong  

Jeffrey Hui

Jeffrey's teachings and trainings amalgamate Chinese and Western cultures and management theories. Currently the Chief Executive Officer and Principal Trainer of Jeffrey Phoenix Training & Consulting, Jeffrey is a professional trainer, coach, motivational speaker, business consultant and columnist.


    Coaches based in Italy  


Barbara Fossi

Barbara spent fifteen years in sales and marketing roles in the financial sector, working internationally for companies including Merrill Lynch. She specialises in cross-cultural coaching, with experience of working with individuals and teams working in 'hostile' environments.

    Coaches based in North America  


Nataly Chevrier

Nataly has been coaching professionals and managers for more than ten years on career, interpersonal, and cross-cultural skills development. She works in an international environment with multinationals, and in small and medium size companies in the high-tech industry. Her private practice includes a diversity of clients from various professional and cultural backgrounds.






Kevin Cottam

Kevin is committed to the pursuit of excellence/high performance and growing people's potential. His background as a figure skating coach, trainer and choreographer to National, World and Olympic Champions and competitors, an award winning dance filmmaker, contemporary dancer and director of Opening and Closing Ceremonies of large sporting events gives him first hand knowledge in reaching goals. He devotes his life to coaching, speaking and delivering trainings for business, government and individuals.


    Coaches based in Spain  

Cynthia Indriso

Cynthia Indriso is an executive coach with nearly two decades experience sucessfully living and working internationally. As someone who's been there and understands global life and work, she specialises in cross-cultural business coaching. Cynthia inspires her clients to embrace and use the richness of cultural diversity as a resource in meeting the challenges of their multicultural and global business environments and achieving high performance and high fulfilment, wherever they are in the world.

    Coaches based in Scandinavia  


Lucy Vittrup

Lucy runs a cross-cultural consultancy based in Denmark, where she lives. She has extensive experience with helping international leaders, diplomats and front figures in a variety of fields overcome challenges and become a success in their professional and personal lives.

Over the last couple of years Lucy has worked with television anchors, performing artists and others who need to communicate efficiently to larger groups of people.


    Coaches based in Turkey  


Kazim Yurdakul

Born and educated in Istanbul, Kazim has carried out research, held conferences and facilitated training programmes at various universities throughout Turkey. At present he is conducting his coaching and mentoring training programmes at Maltepe University.



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