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Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other

John F Kennedy

In a fast moving business world, many of the world's top companies are adopting coaching throughout their organisations. Individual coaching improves performance, in some cases quite dramatically.

The competition and rate of change in the corporate world has never been so fast. With outsourcing to the Far East and the pressure on margins created by the web, leading businesses have to differentiate themselves by the intellectual capital and culture of their organisations.

For the leaders of these organisations, coaching provides a framework to think strategically and to explore ideas in a safe and unbiased environment. It also enables leaders to take some time out of the day-to-day concerns of the business, so that they can align themselves with the strategic requirements and vision that drives the business forward.

For other staff, although much is invested in training, often the return on that training is questionable; do people who attend various courses and team-building events actually alter the way they operate in any significant way?

This is where coaching provides solutions specifically tailored to the individual; part of the tailoring is to provide a safe environment to explore the individual’s attitude to changing and improving their way of operating.

Many people see training as unnecessary or dislike the process and just want to “get on with the job.” By exploring their attitude to training, they often will take more ownership of their future development and not just “turn up at courses to please the boss.”

When capable people regain an interest in learning, we believe they become more capable.


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