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Rank does not confer priviledge or power. It imposes responsibility

Peter Drucker

Partnerships could be described as a sports team: top performers need to be kept in top condition and future stars need to identified and groomed. Are there any top sports teams without coaches?

For the managing partner or national senior partner of such organisations, there is quite a balancing act to perform. The requirements of the local partners, the terms of the partnership agreements and targets all have to be considered.

Often partnerships must be revitalised and it is essential that a mandate for change is agreed and negotiated before any implementation. Due to the nature of the ownership structure, a consensual approach is required.

However, tough decisions will need to be made and coaching can be very valuable throughout the implementation stage of any change; not too tough, but not too soft, either.

Coaching can also benefit other senior staff. Often these individuals are excellent exponents of their profession, but have not learnt the more commercial approach required to get the most out of their clients, or they lack experience in managing or motivating others. It is essential that skills to improve management and increase revenue are learnt. Coaching is a discreet and time-efficient way to acquire these skills.


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