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Nice to work with a qualified coach who has gone through a similar journey. 

Mike Southon

Co-author of ‘Sales on a Beermat' and 'The Beermat Entrepeneur'


Sales people always set higher targets for themselves in a confidential coaching session. They also work out how to achieve this with their coach. Sound good?

Who For?
Sales and marketing directors, managers and sales people. Useful for anyone who has become customer-facing due to a change in role, or who would find negotiation skills useful.

The Issues
Sales directors and managers are generally great sales people, who would make more money by doing less selling and instead creating a climate where they get the most out of the differing requirements of their team. Sales people often have hidden blocks, which even the best sales managers cannot seem to shift.

Negotiation takes place all the time. It is the art of persuasion and follow-through to deliver outcomes and it is also important that relationships are improved in the process. Yes, it is possible to have both at the same time.

Whatever the role, building and maintaining relationships internally and externally is essential. If an individual has a significant customer-facing role and has risen through an area of expertise, then sales coaching can very quickly give the skills needed to complete deals.

The Coach
We have a specialist group of highly trained coaches who come from a successful sales or entrepreneurial background. They are people who have a passion for sales and enjoy using coaching techniques to create considerable performance improvements very quickly indeed.

The Coaching
We have found that great sales people are either stronger at relationships or stronger at organisation. In the majority of cases, they benefit from improving both. Personal coaching to develop and implement a personal time management and database management process can greatly improve their performance.

If sales people merely attend a course, they often do not implement what they have learnt. By receiving individual coaching and teaching, they gain the habit of organising themselves with immediate results. During a time management coaching session, one client realised that he had forgotton to send an email regarding a large deal. He ran out of the session for a few minutes to send the mail, which resulted in a completed sale and thus paid for the coaching many times over.

In other cases, sales people find the continuing rejection either eats into their confidence or makes them angry. Here, using the same visualisation techniques used by top sports people, sales people can learn to optimise their personal “state” and create the relationships which are essential for business success.

Sales coaching creates fast results. Focusing on presentation and organisational skills results in increased performance and revenue.

Teaching sales managers how to coach leads to well motivated sales people who get the support or space they require as individuals to excel in their job.

When sales people use coaching skills themselves, it enables them to deal more effectively with customers and bring in new business.


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