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Implementing a Coaching Culture

I have become 30% more productive as a direct result of coaching, and I now feel more prepared, reflective and thoughtful. 

I now appreciate the benefits of advanced planning, rather than just letting the urgent take over, and this has made a huge difference both at work and outside.

Director, Telecoms company

Can you imagine a dynamic company full of self-motivated, satisfied individuals? Let us show you how we think this can be achieved.

“Coaching Culture” is a popular buzz phrase at present. What does it mean?

Once an organisation embraces coaching, it finds that good managers and leaders are effectively good coaches. Once senior individuals receive coaching, they become curious as to how the coaching approach can be applied in their business.

In a competitive business world, changing the core of an organisation so that “getting the most out of people” is seen as something that is achieved by supporting them requires a significant change to how most organisations operate in reality.

World class organisations such as Microsoft have integrated coaching into most parts of their structure. These organisations know that we are living in a dramatically shifting period of history. Without upgrading the culture that drives them, organisations stuck in “old cultures” may be doomed sooner than they think.

Organisations have found that coaching skills are very useful when applied in the fields of management, leadership and sales. Adopting a "Coaching Culture" means that the benefits actually feed through to the bottom line. The best leaders and sales people are generally excellent coaches themselves.

We run significant in-house programmes which integrate coach training, coaching, projects and coaching supervision to implement a change to a coaching culture.

For example, one international firm asked us to provide our Manager as Coach course to their entire management team. This involved also running through some team projects supported by individual and team coaching, as well as presentation of the results of the programme to the Board.
Their year-end following our programme reported the highest ever profits and staff retention figures within that department.

Please contact us to discuss tailoring coaching courses to integrate into your company’s training programmes.



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