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I now make a point of working out how other people might feel and react to an issue - and how their and my opinions and reactions can influence a project and its successful outcome. 

Senior Manager, Manufacturing.


Profiling is useful for identifying areas of improvement. Coaching ensures that these areas are developed and are not used as a "crutch."

By instructing us to conduct profiling on an individual, or giving us access to a recent profile, any core competencies that need to be developed will be highlighted.

This also enables us to select a coach who has some specialisation in working with individuals to strengthen these competencies and the choice of coaching package becomes more obvious.

When designing programmes, it is often useful to have firm evidence of what changes are required. Therefore, carrying out staff surveys along with a selection of profiling and 360 degree feedback is something we undertake for clients. We can then work closely with a client, co-designing a program which can be used as a pilot.

At the end of the programme, it is advisable to conduct further research to identify how effective it has been and to also find out if any unexpected benefits or problems occurred during the process. We will then prepare and present the results, focusing on the return on the investment.


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