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Coaching Skills within an Organisation

This training will help me to communicate and build rapport with my staff and external stakeholders.

CEO, Telecommunications.

When people in business learn coaching skills, they find that the active questioning approach improves their management style and provides new approaches with customers.

We offer the following in-house training courses

  • Manager as Coach
  • Sales and Coaching
  • NLP for Business
  • Core Coaching Skills
  • Coaching Innovation
  • Entrepreneur Coaching
  • Coaching Supervision Training
  • Corporate Values, Vision and Mission Facilitation Workshop

We run the above courses with the following options:

1 Three-hour power sessions

2 One-day sessions (option of having this presented in two half-day sessions)

3 Three day sessions (split into three one-day sessions, if required)

We also offer a combination of the above, along with coaching sessions to ensure the new concepts are implemented and adopted as part of the work structure of the participants.


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