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I will not forget the coaching session that I had.  It changed my approach to all that I do and all that I say.  It was almost an instant transition.

Business Manager, Design Consultancy.

If you want to follow coaching as a career or embark on a new qualification which will significantly impact your career and life, we believe our NLP School Europe delivers world class training at an affordable price.

Certification Courses

NLP School Europe is a Coaching Consultancy group company. Our NLP training is coach-specific and our trainers are highly sought-after coaches who have trained with many of the founders in the field.

NLP stands for Neuro-Linguistic Programming. Its name stems from its origins in the 1970’s as a hybrid discipline; combining neurology, linguistics and systems theory. NLP has developed into an international field of study which teaches various techniques to increase performance in communication. It is widely used in business, and companies ranging from the Royal Bank of Scotland to Clarks Shoes send many of their staff on NLP training courses.

Many professional coaches have attended training to gain new skills to use with clients. Traditional coaching courses that focus only on goals often fail to identify why these goals have not already been reached in the first place. We do not believe that you will achieve lasting attitudinal change if coaching is simply a cunning form of delegated management, where goals are achieved simply to please the coach.

NLP provides a wider framework, including traditional coaching models as well as a variety of approaches which reveal what stops people achieving consistently and how to facilitate lasting change.

What is NLP?


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