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About Alex Strang

Alex has over 14 years industry experience as an employee and business founder across digital, advertising, tech startup and wellbeing industries. He brings this diverse experience to support the development of Mental Fitness in his clients.
Mental fitness coaching is made up of 2 key components: 1)  Developing an understanding of how your mind works & overcoming blockers to reach goals. 2) Being equipped with the tools and skills to keep you mentally fit & resilient after the coaching sessions have finished – a toolkit you take away with you.

“Understanding, managing and caring for your mind is a skill.

This means it’s something you can learn.

With practice you’ll do it with minimal energy, eventually subconsciously.

This allows you to focus your energy on what matters most to you”.

Alex Strang – Mental Fitness Coach

Qualified NLP Practitioner and Generative Change Coach.

At school, we’re taught to solve complex algebra equations but not how to interpret the most complex of all machines we ever come into contact with, our own minds. 

In my mental fitness coaching sessions, I work with you to help you gain insights into the way your mind works. From there, I will share useful tools and processes that you can take away and use every day. We go to the gym to keep our bodies in shape, but often the fitness of our mind gets neglected. Think of my coaching as a gym for your mind, and me a bit like a personal trainer, without lycra and drill sergeant commands 🙂

I’ll help you learn and implement new mental fitness skills that you can employ on a daily basis to better cope with negative situations, while finding focus on what matters to you most. As part of this, I use NLP and Generative processes to help you view situations from different perspectives and overcome barriers that may be blocking you from moving forward.

My ultimate aim is to get you to a point where you say “Thank you Alex, I can take it from here”. I will then be on hand to support, if and when needed, but you will have a set of new tools in your mental toolkit to manage the different situations that come up in your life. This is preventative mental healthcare.


More about Alex
I worked myself into a fairly severe burnout 7 years ago, which resulted in memory loss and a number of other really unpleasant symptoms – I nearly lost everything I now hold dear to me. 

It was from this experience that preventative mental healthcare became my life’s mission. The two questions I was looking to answer were – how can I stop this happening again? And, how can I help to ensure this doesn’t happen to other people?

I received coaching from my now mentor Janet Woodjetts, which was an incredible part of my recovery process – and the amazing side effect of this coaching was that I developed skills that I could employ outside the sessions. It was like a light switched on inside me! I knew that the tools that helped me to understand my mind, were the answers to managing my state and maintaining my own emotional wellbeing. 

I now aim to share these learnings and skills with as many people as I can – through coaching and also through Moment Pebble, a preventative mental healthcare business that I’ve co-founded to develop products that help people take short, mindful moments during their busy day to reduce stress and keep the mind healthy.