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To get a measurable return on investment, it is important to set clear outcomes for business coaching. We offer executive coaching packages aimed at strengthening specific areas; you know what you have come for and what you are getting.

Our approach to business coaching is to divide our service into specific offerings which focus on the needs of the individual being coached. We use coaches who have significant experience in a relevant area, who are therefore able to bring mentoring experience along with their coach-specific training. Please see “About Us” for details on the coaching process, training and supervision.

There is a natural fit, for example, when a CEO takes our Leadership Facilitation package; whilst a Sales Director might gain from the Sales and Negotiation Skills package. However, a newly appointed CFO might also gain more from the Sales and Negotiation package if that particular competence is the one that requires immediate strengthening.

Some clients have taken a package for a group of individuals with similar job descriptions. One client taking our Sales and Negotiation package set up half-day and day sessions for coaching of their sales staff for each of their key brands. Firstly, the staff received individual coaching sessions. These were followed up by a group coaching session; common themes were identified and the group agreed upon ways of improving performance. Members of one brand team each wanted less ‘mucking about’, but no-one knew how to address this with their fellow team members. By agreeing to celebrate and play outside of work, this team created more time to do their job and build their “pipeline.”